Does your baby sleep during the day and keeps you awake during the night? That’s a common cry of many mothers and fathers.

A newborn baby can sleep 16 to 20 hours in a day. But this occurs in about 3 or 4 periods. You just need your baby to get into a sleeping schedule. If your baby has a routine, you’ll be able to have time to rest, to do chores, or anything.

You might be so close already to getting enough rest. Here are a few tips for getting your baby to establish a schedule.

You should maintain bedtime rituals. You should not to one thing for one night and another for the next night to get your baby to sleep. Consistency is the key to forming a healthy sleeping pattern.

It’s best if you have the room darkened and quiet. A baby’s sleeping schedule can be interrupted by almost any kind of noise. Therefore, you’ll want your baby to be in a room that is away from noises.

You prepare your baby for bedtime with routines. They should involve relaxing and soothing the baby. Rocking the baby or singing a lullaby works well here.

Create a comfortable room temperature not to exceed 75 degrees. This well help your baby sleep through the night.

Of course, your baby will tend to cry sometime. Controlled crying is a method used by numerous parents, and with success. You should let your baby cry for about five minutes before calming him down. Remain only long enough to pat his back and say a few kind words. You should do this without picking him up. You should always say soothing words when you go into the nursery. Through all that, your baby will learn that crying will do nothing and he will feel comforted by your presence and your soothing voice.

Babies usually sleep through the night when they are nine months old or so. Everything comes and goes.

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